Enrichment: Video Production 2/22/2017

Hello class,

I am sorry for not being able to be there with you guys. But I do have an assignment. Our next assignment is tackling The Mustang News. But we need to practice and prepare.

Click on the link and watch it:

Interview tips

Get into you mustang news groups.



Teacher interviews

School life



1.) Write down some interview questions. This has to be about things you are interested.

2.) Pick a group member to record, one to interview, and one to be the person being interviewed.

3.) Use the video to record the mock interview. Learn how to interview, but try new things. Remember: BE CREATIVE! So come up with questions, set up your shots, record, and edit it. Remember to record B-Roll. Have Fun! This shouldn’t be anything that you should be stressing about. You will do awesome!


Day 1

The Jackie Robinson “Breaking Barriers”  2017 Essay Contest is a chance for students to share their personal stories and how they use Jackie Robinson’s values to face their own barriers.

Essay Deadline: March 14, 2017

Let’s begin!

On a separate paper answer:

What is a Barrier? What barriers have you faced?

Give examples (researched or off the top of your head):

What are some ways that people overcome their barriers?

Click on the following link:

About my Father by Sharon Robinson

Using text evidence to respond to the following questions: 

(For example, the article states_____this is why I believe….)

    • Based on the first paragraph, why do you think Sharon Robinson wrote this article?
    • What is the main idea of the article? Provide details from the article to support your answer.
    • How did the color barrier prevent black baseball players from playing in the Majors before 1947?
    • Why were Jackie Robinson’s college statistics at UCLA and his accomplishments with the Kansas City Monarchs important information for Branch Rickey?
    • Explain how Mr. Rickey’s interview with Jackie Robinson gave him the confidence to sign Robinson to play with the Montreal Royals.
    • Describe the character traits (aspects of a person’s behavior and attitudes that make up that person’s personality) Robinson displayed that gave Mr. Rickey the confidence to sign Robinson to play for his team.
    • What evidence in the article suggests that Jackie Robinson succeeded in breaking barriers in Major League Baseball?

Write a paragraph about what made Jackie Robinson a good candidate to break the color barrier. Cite evidence from the text to support your point of view.


Welcome to the second day of the Jackie Robinson Essay Contest. Today Let’s discuss Values.

Describe a Value.

What does,  “Life is not a spectator sport mean?”

Values and Barriers

As a group you will be assigned a value. Discuss and write:

Explain the meaning of your assigned value in your own words.

Why is this an important value for people to have?

How could this value help people face and overcome a barrier? Provide an example.


7th Grade 2016

Social Studies 2017


7th Grade Class Picture 2016


re-enactment of the creation story in Religion class

creation re enactment

Preparing for the Christmas program “Silent Night”

christmas Program christmas program

Indoor P.E with 7th grade

indoor pe1      indoor pe2

Harvest Festival 2016

harvest2      harvest1

7th grade waiting for chalk art during Red Ribbon Week


Preparing Rockets to be launched for science class

launching rokets

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Seventh Grade News and Assignments

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Reminder: School Office Closed 8/08/14-8/17-14

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Dear Parents,

The time has come to make the final preparations for Back to School!!! Please remember that the school office will be closed from August 8-17. We will be back on August 18!

We have left New Student Applications in the Parish Office.

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer vacation. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your faces on August 25, 2014!!!!!!

Ms. K. Gonzales