Instructor: Ms. Carol Cervantes
Phone: (818) 367-5886

Third Grade Goals

Third grade is very much a transitional year where children are beginning to prepare for the upper grades.  It is my goal to help your child reach his or her full potential so they can be successful in all of their academic endeavors.

Third Grade Academics

A standards-based curriculum is used to ensure that students leave third grade with the skills and foundation necessary to succeed in fourth grade and beyond. Technology is integrated into various areas of the curriculum through the use of enrichments apps and sites such as IXL, Spelling City, and EPIC!


The students grow spiritually by participating in weekly masses, hosting a yearly mass, and going to Reconciliation on a regular basis.The students learn about the lives of saints, as well as the virtues that lead them to sainthood.

English Language Arts

Students read and respond to a variety of children’s literature, including narrative and expository text. Comprehension strategies, increased oral fluency, and independent reading are all reinforced throughout the year through the use of our Reading textbook and select novels.

Students learn and use the steps of the writing process to enhance their narrative, descriptive, and other written pieces of work. Final drafts are to be done in cursive which is also covered daily in class.


Students refine their addition and subtraction skills through a deeper understanding of place value. An emphasis is placed on multiplication and division of whole numbers. Additional topics covered include time, measurement, geometric shapes, and fractions. 

Social Studies

Geographical features, American Indians, and the basic structure of the U.S. Government are just a few of the topics emphasized during throughout the year in Social Studies. 

Working on sand paintings after studying the Navajo tribe


Through the use of experiments and projects, students learn about energy and matter as well as plant and animal adaptations. Our final unit covers the sun, moon, and planets and culminates in a field trip to The Griffith Observatory.


Virtual Learning 

Despite the difficulties that arise with distance learning, the students have persevered gracefully. They are learning each day and have adjusted to our online classroom. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe Art Project