Instructors: Ms.Chelsea Shea, Mrs. Dolores Hernandez
Phone: (818) 367-5886
Fax: (818) 364-5486
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St. Didacus Preschool

St Didacus Preschool provides a nurturing, loving and caring environment that helps our 3 and 4 year olds develop positive feelings about themselves and others. Our structured activities help children develop and enhance many of their talents and skills. We also learn about how God’s love surrounds us.

St. Didacus Preschool Philosophy Statement

Intellectual Goals

Fostering the development of each child’s aesthetic awareness of beauty through exposure to literature, poetry, art and music.

Psychological Goals

To develop in the child a sense of self worth. To enable the child to acquire a positive attitude.

Physical Goals

To enhance the child’s gross motor skills and fine motor skills. To encourage children to acquire a sense of fair play and sportsmanship.